Transaction Charges Explained

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is about how One Donation charges for the services we offer. We get asked this question by our donors, non-profits, employers seeking to offer payroll donations for their employees. At the end of the day, One Donation wants as much of the donation to end up […]

Have You Ever Played A Sport?

Were you good? How did you get better? In thinking of my childhood, I was an OK baseball player. I was never the best but I was not picked last either. I was fortunate to have older brother so I was constantly trying to keep up with them and not fall behind. To keep up […]

Beta Testers – iOS & Android

One Donation is looking for beta testers of their upcoming iOS and Android application release. The One Donation platform is on a mission to make giving easy. Through the One Donation application, users can search over 1.5 million non-profits, make a one-time, weekly or monthly donation and then track all donations for tax purposes. Feedback […]

One World. One Company. One Donation.

When the word sustainability is mentioned in conversation, not everyone has the same understanding of what it means. When you google the term, two definitions are provided: the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level. avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. No matter how […]

Payroll Donations – How It Works!

There is a lot of buzz around One Donation and our payroll donation platform. That gets our team really excited but has also led to a lot of questions. For that reason, we created the payroll process flow below in order to answer some of the questions we get asked. To begin, this process can […]

One Donation – More Than Just A Phone Application

The One Donation platform has a four-pronged approach to Giving Made Easy. Phone Application – From our early days we have maintained our original giving made easy phone application. The application gives users the ability to search over 1.5M non-profits, make donations and then track all donations for tax purposes. In the next several months […]

Overhead – The 5,000 lb. Elephant In The Room

  Did you know that the average overhead for a non-profit is 36.9%? Overhead is popular topic surrounding non-profit efficiency. While there are arguments on both sides of the topic, we will save that debate for another time. There are a few non-profits that operate in similar circles as One Donation. Without mentioning names, one […]

Disasters and Jigsaw Puzzles?

Have you ever helped a child complete a jigsaw puzzle?   After your child’s favorite puzzle is chosen, the pieces are dumped out of a box on the floor, and little fingers sift through the pile of pieces finding the “easy” ones. To a five year old the “easy” pieces are the ones with one […]

Is it Ever Late to make a New Year’s Resolution?

It seems like just yesterday it was 2016 – and here I am looking at my calendar and it is already the 22nd of January! Even though January is cruising by, it is never late to evaluate and make resolutions for the year to come and to share your resolutions with coworkers, friends and family. […]

Goodbye 2016. Hello 2017!

Over the past few weeks I have done a lot of reflection on this past year. As a One Donation Co-Founder and Project Manager, I have reflected on items both personal and related to One Donation. Many important lessons have been learned over the past year but I want to take a moment to highlight […]

Early Stage Growth Part II: Branding and Expanding

StartUpGrind SoCal was good for our team on many fronts. Our story is not so much different than other start ups, but there are some exceptions. Our team is from the East Coast, and since our team was traveling across the country to Southern California, we wanted to maximize our time and booked appointments for […]

Thinking about the Christmas holiday?

Do you like to think? I do too. And its sharing things like this that I hope help you to think of the good you could do with a simple act. This is a very short story with a very simple lesson. It’s the holiday season and you may still need a holiday gift for […]

The Impact Of Workplace Giving

The One Donation motto is that it takes One Donation to Change the World.  Just think what a community can do.  Speaking of community, businesses can be very influential in working and participating with the people around them.  I have worked for several businesses in my career and a few of them actively participated in […]

Start A Donation Wildfire

Recently in Eastern Tennessee, residents have been impacted by wildfires that have burned across several counties.  If you are reading this and you live in the Western USA you are no stranger wildfires, especially during drought conditions.  However, the southeast, even with a lack of rainfall is not used to wildfires.  In this blog post […]

Have You Ever Cut Your Grass With Scissors?

  I know this sounds like a crazy question, and before I travelled to Haiti in 2000 I would have agreed. But there I was, on a tap-tap (Haitian bus transportation), and looked down to see this: I witnessed two Haitians, on their hands and knees, cutting grass with scissors outside of the presidential palace. […]

I Voted!

  By the time this blog is posted, votes will be cast and unless we have issues similar to 2004 the 45th President of the United States of America will be elected. In the 2016 Presidential Election did you make a donation and do you know where it went? Millions of dollars are spent each […]

Budget Your Money & Your Time

The year is 2016 and the world is at your fingertips so your extra time should be also. I remember in grade school learning how to write a letter, address an envelope, put a stamp on it and send it to someone.  Now an email can be sent back and forth, between recipients, multiple times […]

Early Stage Growth: Part 1

Contemplating the “what’s next” is a serious dilemma for any entrepreneur who is starting a company and building it from the ground up. Gone are the questions like “Is this going to work?” “Am I going to be able to see my product?” The new questions are: How am I going to get my product to […]

The Eyes Of A Recipient

There is nothing comparable to seeing the eyes of a recipient of your gifts to truly understand the impact of what giving can have. My name is Stuart Epperson and several years ago I went to the Darfur Region of Sudan with the Persecution Project Foundation (PPF) – and I’ll never be the same!! While […]

How Fast Life Can Change

In my previous blog post I discussed how the schools and churches that I attended influenced my background on giving. However, it was not until after graduating from college that I realized the true impact that my giving can have on individuals. There is nothing comparable to seeing the eyes of a recipient of your […]

How Experience Influenced My Views On Charitable Giving

My name is Brian Hemel and I am a Co-Founder of Pass the Plate. I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana and was fortunate to attend a Catholic church and school. Like most kids growing up in the southeast, I attended a weekly Sunday service, really not wanting to go.  During those services I would […]

Start up: The Journey Part IV “What Numbers?!”

Oh… the many adventures of a “start-up.” A “start-up” is commonly defined as a company or entrepreneurial venture in the form of a company, a partnership or temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. There can be several variations to this definition. Some attach a length or time in business, […]

How can we serve you?

This past week marked an important step in the start-up processes here at Pass the Plate. What is that you may ask?  Validation. Let me explain… When we started Pass the Plate, we made several hypotheses: First, we believed that there would be a slow adoption rate of our new technology directly from non-profits. Second, […]

Thoughts on Giving

What started out as an ordinary Friday morning turned out to be exactly what I needed… Fridays typically start for me at NCS Winston Salem (New Canaan Society) at 7:00 AM bright and early. For the Winston Salem chapter, this means that 150-200 men get together on Friday mornings to have coffee and biscuits and […]

Start Up: The Journey Part III

There is quite a bit going on at Pass the Plate these days. In this post, we are going to update you a little on what is happening behind the scenes. As with most businesses, there are two faces to the business. The side that faces the public (in our case the Pass the Plate […]

Start Up: The Journey Part II

In the previous post, I mentioned “community”. In this post, I will summarize what I have done in the past 6 months.  What I hope that you get out of this summary is immersion. Immerse yourself in the community – work hard and learn. Several mornings a week I get to the office earlier than […]

Start-up: The Journey

Moving into a co-working space was one of the best things we could have done for the Pass the Plate business. In Winston Salem there are a few options, and we choose to work out of Flywheel. There are several reasons why. Energy – Being around other start-up companies and other entrepreneurs makes for a […]

The Christmas Season with Pass the Plate

I must admit, traveling with Pass the Plate has been very interesting. First and foremost, I have had the opportunity to learn and hear from other tech entrepreneurs on the East Coast through the TechBreakfast forum’s. Over the Christmas holiday was no different with the exception that I was able to take my family with […]

Startup Weekend – Winston-Salem, NC

My Startup Weekend began with a trip to Washington DC. The day before I had driven to Washington DC to meet with the  programming team at OmniTi. We needed to re-evaluate our scope and focus on the next release of the Pass The Plate. With the “Launch itus” issues experienced with the first release, it […]

TechBreakfast – Philadelphia, PA

Heading off to the Philadelphia TechBreakfast, I was a little apprehensive. Pass the Plate has just released its first version into “Open Beta” and we were working out the kinks. TechBreakfast is a show and tell, not a pitch, thus not having a product that worked caused concern. My fears were put to rest immediately […]

For God so loved the world he “gave”

For God so loved the world he “gave”. We serve a giving God. We reflect his glory when we ourselves participate in giving. Sacrificial, heartfelt and genuine giving will make everyone around you better and bring great honor to God. In fact as a Christian broadcaster, I’ve thought about starting a Christmas radio format to […]